Zero Day

Yesterday, Saturday, I took a zero day.  Many people would have no idea what a zero day is.  When you are  thru hiking the Appalachian Trail your body occasionally needs a break. You cannot go day after day week after week without taking a break. So after a week in the snow and rain I decided yesterday would be a perfect day for a zero day. During these first two weeks while I am so close to home it is easy for someone to come pick me up and take me home for my zero days.  That way I can sleep in my own bed and, in yesterday’s case, I was able to help my daughter who was moving into her new home. So today I’m back on the trail and I can definitely tell that my body needed a break. When hiking the Appalachian Trail you have to listen to your body. I had knee surgery the last part of November this past year and also suffer from Neuropathy. During these first two or three weeks I am going to have to take it easy to make certain my body can hold up hiking 2,200 miles.  I am out on the trail again today beginning at Dick’s Creek Gap.  I am skipping the first shelter and trying to make it to Muskrat Creek Shelter.  I will cross over from Georgia into North Carolina in only about one more mile. I will be climbing standing Indian mountain tomorrow which stands over 5,000 feet high.

I am trying to post videos as well as photos on my Facebook page so that anyone can watch them and follow me as I hike the trail.  I want my friends to be able to see, to smell and to feel what I am feeling along my journey.  Just search my name, Steve Claxton on Facebook and you should be able to watch them. I certainly appreciate everyone’s comments and encouragement as I hike along the trail. I also appreciate the financial support that so many people have contributed along my journey. The Big Brother/Big Sister program means a lot to me and this is the purpose of hiking the trail from Georgia to Maine.  If you have not contributed please consider helping to change a child’s life by giving them “HOPE!!!” You may do so by sending a check to the address listed on my homepage of my website, through GoFundMe or through the WNC BBBS Facebook page through pay pal.

What a beautiful day to be out in God’s beautiful land!!!  This is the most beautiful weather I have had since beginning my hike last Sunday! The warmth of the sun feels good on the back of my neck.  As you walk along the trail on a beautiful day like today it allows your mind to wander.  It causes you to suddenly realize the simplicity of the trail as well as the journey. You realize that upon the decision to thru hike the trail, you begin by placing one foot in front of the other one step at a time, for 2,200 miles.  You then realize how our lives are filled with material things, with so much “stuff!” But once you embark upon the trail you realize that you are carrying all of your essentials, your home, your bed, your food and your clothing all in just one bag on your back over the course of 5-6 months for 2,200 miles!  You become a part of the elements, the snow, the rain and the sun, and learn to appreciate each one of them in their own unique form.  You learn to appreciate and enjoy all that surrounds you, and smile at the most simplistic occurrences.  You then know that “YOU, HAVE BECOME PART OF THE JOURNEY AND THE TRAIL HAS BECOME A PART OF YOU!”