Warning to hikers


I just entered a long section of trail that warns hikers that this is the VERY ROCKY section of Pennsylvania!!! GREAT!!! WHAT DO THEY THINK WE HAVE BEEN HIKING THROUGH???!!! This section is sending many of the flip floppers home. A flip flopper is a hiker that begins their hike somewhere other than Ga. or Maine, hikes to the end and then hikes the other section. They do this to avoid the crowds. Most flip flippers that I have met started in Harpers Ferry and are going north to Maine. This section of trail is testing many of these hikers and several are heading home due to injuries along the way. Every step has to be precise and deliberate, therefore you have to think about each step and where you are going to place your foot. And daily milage can be cut in half! Many of the rocks are on their edge and slanted, not giving hikers a steady surface to walk on. No day dreaming on this section of trail for the next few days! One wrong step can send you home for good!!!

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