Possible plan….

8/18/16 at 9:33pm

Alot of people are asking the same question so here is the answer. I have 52 miles remaining to reach the top of Mount Katahdin. I hiked almost 20 miles today in order to be close to “The Whitehouse,” a fish camp located in the 100 Mile Wilderness. I plan on hiking there tomorrow and arriving by mid-morning. I don’t know if it will work out but I hope to fish some for the very first time on this journey. Who knows, maybe I will catch supper. They come to the A.T across a lake by boat to pick you up. I hope to reach Baxter State Park on Monday and I’ve given myself a two day window in case of bad weather in which case they close the mountain to hikers. I plan to hike Katahdin either on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I hope that answers many of your questions.

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