1:00pm on Sunday, September 4th

8/18/16 at 9:18pm

So just in case you haven’t heard the news, the time of the BBQ fundraiser and meet & greet upon my return has been changed to 1:00 on Sunday September 4th. It will begin in the cafeteria at Swain County High School & then move to the Center for the Arts for the program.

Possible plan….

8/18/16 at 9:33pm

Alot of people are asking the same question so here is the answer. I have 52 miles remaining to reach the top of Mount Katahdin. I hiked almost 20 miles today in order to be close to “The Whitehouse,” a fish camp located in the 100 Mile Wilderness. I plan on hiking there tomorrow and arriving by mid-morning. I don’t know if it will work out but I hope to fish some for the very first time on this journey. Who knows, maybe I will catch supper. They come to the A.T across a lake by boat to pick you up. I hope to reach Baxter State Park on Monday and I’ve given myself a two day window in case of bad weather in which case they close the mountain to hikers. I plan to hike Katahdin either on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I hope that answers many of your questions.

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Trail Angels all over the A.T.

8/18/16 8:55pm

And even out here in the middle of nowhere in the 100 Mile Wilderness Trail Angels still exist offering trail magic. Susan, from Maine, was out for her first hike after having surgery on a knee she blew out from a skiing accident. Peanuts & white chocolate, a new favorite!!!

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“life is like, a box of chocolates!!!”

8/18/16 at 8:44pm

Meet two of my trail buddies I continue to run into, Hoosier & Forrest. You can imagine where Hoosier, on the left, is from. Forrest gave himself the name before starting his hike spelling it with one “r” meaning the woods. But then once he started his hike everyone started yelling “Run Forrest Run!!! So he just started spelling it with two r’s. And anyway, out here on the trail “life is like, a box of chocolates!!!”

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Jo-Mary Lake at Antlers Campsite

8/18/16 at 8:26pm

Believe it or not I have service at the lake I am camped at! I am shocked!!! I am camped right on Jo-Mary Lake at Antlers Campsite . A clear night so I’m camping without my tent rainfly so I can enjoy the view! First view is out my door looking out on the lake & other view is laying down looking up at the sky through the trees!!!!!


8/18/16 11:02am

Just as I was beginning to walk off White Cap Mountain yesterday the fog began to suddenly rise. In a matter of two minutes it went from this to this! Must of been Pastor Wayne Dickert‘s comment that gave me such a beautiful view and my first view of Mount Katahdin in the distance! THANKS WAYNE!!!!!