From William Sherrill to Steve Claxton

My father was born and raised in Bryson City, North Carolina, during the depression era. His father abandoned his family while my father was very young, and his mother died while he was young as well. He was forunate enough to have an extended family that took him in and raised him as one of their own. His grandfather was “dad” to him, and his cousins were brothers and sisters. Not everyone has that same luxury, however. Steve Claxton, who goes by the trail name of Mustard Seed, is nearing the end of a journey that began this past February. He is hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail to raise both money and awareness for an organization, Big Brothers / Big Sisters,(I believe that is the name) that helps children such as my father once was in the Bryson City region of North Carolina. I was a schoolmate of Steve’s at Bryson City Elementary School while I was in the 7th and 8th grades while my father was in Viet Nam. I don’t believe he remembers me, but I have been following his journey on Facebook. He has raised quite a following as he has hiked and posted stories and pictures of his adventures on the trail. I am including here a link to a song called Mustard Seed that I have recently written about Steve. It’s my way of saying that I have been remembering and praying for Steve as he has hiked. I would encourage anyone who is interested to look up Steve Claxton on Facebook. It’s not too late to get interested and contribute if you are able and willing. Steve, I wish you continued strength and safety as you complete your journey.

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