Can you help?

Okay, so here is a true concern from someone who lives out of town & would love to come to the event on Labor Day weekend, but getting a room is a concern as they are all booked. Can you say “Trail Angels” in the truest form of the word???!!! Here is your chance to practice being Trail Angels by offering these folks who want to come to the BBQ fundraiser/Meet & Greet Mustard Seed a place to stay! COME ON FOLKS, LET’S START THIS RIGHT NOW!!! Let’s show the hospitality and warm hearts that exists in our communities by inviting my facebook friends, YOUR Facebook Friends into your home so they can attend!!!!!!! Let me know if you would like to be our VERY FIRST TRAIL ANGELS helping out our very own Facebook friends who have become such a great part of this journey!!! LET ME KNOW YOU ARE IN!!!! I will start it, I’M IN!!!!!!

Steve Claxton's photo.