8/22/16 at 9:30pm

Well, here we are six months to the day since I departed Springer Mountain hiking toward Mount Katahdin in Maine! 2,183.9 miles behind me with a mere 5.8 miles to the peak of this beast of a mountain & then the same amount back to the base. I cannot even begin to describe the emotions going on within my heart & soul tonight knowing that this journey will be coming to a close at the end of the day tomorrow. But it will only be the end of my hike, as there has been so much that I have gained throughout this journey that will go with me for the rest of my days on this earth! I will attempt the Live Facebook Video as I am approaching the summit, but please understand that there is no way to give you a specific time as this particular 5.8 mile climb is predicted to take between 4-5 hours for a thru-hiker who has 2,183 miles on their legs! I will be beginning my hike after checking in around 7:45-8:00 a.m. Today’s rain is now over and the weather forecast is perfect for tomorrow so the views should be fabulous. I ask that you also understand that this will be a particularly emotional time for me after arriving at the summit so I will attempt to provide as much video as my emotions can possibly handle. I hope and pray that each of you that have followed my journey have enjoyed the ride and will take something away from this experience that you feel might have an impact on your life. More about that and a summary of this “journey of a lifetime” after the summit is complete tomorrow!!! For now, goodnight, sweet dreams and may God grant you a restful night’s rest!

“Mustard Seed”

p.s. “Sunshine” I hope you are still wearing the “Believe” bracelet, because tomorrow
“I Believe” it will finally happen, and I will finally reach Mount Katahdin!!! And “I Know” who is responsible for making this “Dream Of A Lifetime Come True!”

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Steve Claxton's photo.
Steve Claxton's photo.