Getting closer….

8/21/16 11:55pm

Just to give everyone an update, I made it out of the 100 Mile Wilderness this afternoon & hiked the 21.1 miles into Baxter State Park this evening. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not conducive to climbing Mount Katahdin, a 5,268 foot rocky mountain, the highest peak in Maine & the end of the Appalachian Trail. You do alot of rock climbing and even though it is only 5.8 miles to the summit they recommend to allow 8-10 hours for the round trip hike!
A HUGE thank you goes out to Susu Peoples for a suggestion she made tonight. It is something that I have never tried but am open to trying it & will do a practice run sometime tomorrow. As I am approaching the summit of Katahdin on Tuesday, do a “Facebook Live!” What do you think???!!! Here is a photo of Mount Katahdin this afternoon.




“Journey Of A Lifetime!!!” I am close…

As I continue to close in on my final destination along this 2,189 mile journey, Mount Katahdin looms ever so closer as this magnificent mountain serves as a bitter sweet ending to a journey I will not soon forget! I cannot even begin to imagine the feelings that I will experience as I summit this famous destiny for the 12,000 thru-hikers who have made this journey from Springer, Ga. since the trail was first established in 1937. I feel fairly confident there are no words that could possibly describe what will be going on inside of me after six months of struggles, accomplishments, near death experiences, friendships, remarkable Trail Angels and stories to be shared! It has truly been a life changing experience and a “Journey Of A Lifetime!!!”

From Sherwood Childress‎ to Steve Claxton

From Sherwood Childress to Steve Claxton

Hey Steve we continue to pray for you as you make your way close to home. We are so happy for you to see your newest family members🎉 Today we had our hotdog fundraiser & raised $450.00 that we will split between FOB & Big Brothers Big Sisters! Many of my co workers have followed you during your amazing journey! On behalf of us all-Thank You💜

From William Sherrill to Steve Claxton

My father was born and raised in Bryson City, North Carolina, during the depression era. His father abandoned his family while my father was very young, and his mother died while he was young as well. He was forunate enough to have an extended family that took him in and raised him as one of their own. His grandfather was “dad” to him, and his cousins were brothers and sisters. Not everyone has that same luxury, however. Steve Claxton, who goes by the trail name of Mustard Seed, is nearing the end of a journey that began this past February. He is hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail to raise both money and awareness for an organization, Big Brothers / Big Sisters,(I believe that is the name) that helps children such as my father once was in the Bryson City region of North Carolina. I was a schoolmate of Steve’s at Bryson City Elementary School while I was in the 7th and 8th grades while my father was in Viet Nam. I don’t believe he remembers me, but I have been following his journey on Facebook. He has raised quite a following as he has hiked and posted stories and pictures of his adventures on the trail. I am including here a link to a song called Mustard Seed that I have recently written about Steve. It’s my way of saying that I have been remembering and praying for Steve as he has hiked. I would encourage anyone who is interested to look up Steve Claxton on Facebook. It’s not too late to get interested and contribute if you are able and willing. Steve, I wish you continued strength and safety as you complete your journey.

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Another grandchild was added what a BLESSING!!!!

A VERY SPECIAL DAY in the life of a “Mustard Seed” today as another grandchild was added to the family while I am hiking the A.T.!!! Born this morning was my first grandson, Levi Troy Sawyer to my sweet daughter Brandi!!! Mother and baby are doing great. I can’t wait to get back home next week to love on Rowan & Levi, my two grand babies born while hiking the trail, as well as my granddaughter Scout! Thank God for two more precious lives to cherish and nurture all the days of their lives!!!

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snacks of champions!!!

8/18/16 at 9:22pm

One of the treats that I’ve REALLY missed while in the 100 Mile Wilderness are my Cheeseburgers and ice cream. I have been so used to having them along my journey as I crave beef for protein and ice cream for…well, let’s just say I crave ice cream! I can’t imagine getting back and being able to enjoy my favorite snacks after six months of going through denial. Kosher dill pickles, cheese nips and CREAMCICLES, the snacks of champions!!!

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