7/29/16 at 12:10pm

I think about what the future holds in store for me after “The Journey!” I have a VERY hard time imagining “life without YOU in my life each day!!!” Life without my heart being touched in such profound ways by each of you!!! Here are some examples of what I mean as well as possible solutions to my concern:

Josh Pressley wrote:
“I can’t help but to wonder what most of us will do when your done, our daily shot of your inspiration will be gone. I think you should consider hiking back south to keep us all going for a few more months. I also hope you enjoy the fact that you have been sharing things that most of us will never have the opportunity to see…it has truly been a blessing!”

Jimmy Blevins wrote:
I’ve been waiting for Mustard Seed to return home so I can dump Facebook. He is the only reason I stay on here!

Natalie Branch wrote:
I agree jimmy. I’m never on Facebook this much. It is amazing how many thoughts and prayers have occurred in my daily life for Mustard Seed…..and we have never even met!

SO WHAT NEXT???!!! Well, there will be the get together upon my return, and hopefully I will run into many of you back home as I return to normal life! But you know what? As I think about the future, I’m not one bit concerned because I know there has already been a plan laid out for my future as well as your future! IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT, because…

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Bryson City Outdoors supporting Steve Claxton

Free shipping online now through 11:59pm on July 30th! Also $5 from each hat sold will be donated to Steve Claxton‘s Hike For Hope! Steve is hiking the entire App Trail to help call awareness to the Big Brother/Big Sister Program as well as to raise funds for the local program here in WNC! He is only $3000 away from his goal of $22.5k, let’s help him finish it out! Shop online at www.brysoncityoutdoors.com and find out more about Hike For Hope here https://www.gofundme.com/z3r3f7ws Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC ‪#‎hikeforhope‬ ‪#‎brysoncity‬ ‪#‎swaincounty‬

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7/29/16 at 9:48am

Ya know, just when I feel as though my heart cannot be touched any more than it already has been, my close friend Cecil Cornwell from Newnan Ga. has a package waiting for me at the hostel I stayed at last night. I open it up and it is his special homemade peanut brittle, along with a card!!! The card reads;

“Dear Steve,
May the strong winds be behind you,
but the gentle breezes cool your brow.
May the most beautiful views greet you daily.
May you see a Moose – but not too close!
Your friend,

Cecil is 83 years young and one of my true heros in life! One of my favorite Cecil stories is taking him camping & fly-fishing on Hazel Creek. I scoot down the steep bank holding onto limbs as I wade into the fast current of the creek. This was the first time I had guided Cecil and wanted to take extra special care of this 80+ year old Angel. Once I got myself stable in the fast moving current I turned around to help Cecil down the bank and into the current. As I turned around Cecil was already five yards upstream from me casting his fly rod! I finally had to ask if he wouldn’t mind could he PLEASE slow down so I could keep up with him!!! When I grow up, “I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE CECIL!!!”


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White Mountains Lodge & Hostel

7/29/16 at 9:12am

The stay at the White Mountains Lodge & Hostel was a much appreciated overnight break from the woods! Marni, the owner, runs a wonderful hostel that is so organized and has a very relaxed atmosphere which is wonderful after coming in from the brutal elements of the Whites! The house was originally built in 1876 and has been added on to over the years. Here is what your $35 includes:

Huge home-cooked breakfast
Great beds with fresh linens & pillows
Unlimited hot showers & towels
Cable TV and movies
Re-supply shuttle to town
Free land-phone, US and Canada
Free mail drops for any hiker
Great backyard with patio, pond & fire pit
Hiker Fridge
Laundry (loaner clothes)
Extensive Knowledge of trails

And a HUGE SMILE to make you REALLY feel at home!!!


Meet thru-hiker “Purple”

7/28/16 9:06pm

Check out thru-hiker “Purple” as she headed back to the woods this afternoon from the hostel. Her pack is almost as big as she is and weighs 40 lbs!!! Our paths have crossed three or four times over the past 600 miles or so. It’s great to catch up with thru hikers you haven’t seen for a while.

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I would like to propose a date for a meet & greet…

So in trying to coordinate a time that works with my schedule in returning home as well as with Roger & Tina Jennings of Fatso’s BBQ Sauce Co. & Catering and their schedule I would like to propose a date for a meet & greet as well as a BBQ Dinner Fundraiser provided by the Jennings with all proceeds going to the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. We are considering Sunday afternoon on Sept. 4th. I realize this is Labor Day weekend but between our two schedules as well as providing a time for those who might want to come who have to travel a distance it might actually work out well. Please send me your feedback as to if this date would work for you and how many might be attending. I look forward to my return and meeting all of my new friends as well as reaquaintances with old friends. I hope to have a video of my journey put together by then as well as Jenean Hornbuckle prints will be on hand to purchase! I think it will be a memorable gathering to talk about my most memorable experiences along my journey and to answer questions you might have. I look forward to your response & PLEASE REMEMBER to continue to keep me in your prayers!!!

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A heart felt thank you goes out this morning to Allen Oliver, Amy Hulsey and the anonymous donor who contributed $250 for believing in my journey and contributing to the Big Brother/Big Sister Program!!! I cannot thank you enough for making a difference in the future of a child’s life in our community! If you would like to help by contributing to the reason I am hiking 2,200 miles, please click on the link below!

On February 22, Steve began a six month journey to through hike the 2,185 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He is hiking the trail to help call awareness to the Big Brother/Big Sister Program as well as to raise funds for the local program here in…