Mayapple patch

Made it to camp finally. Feeling better but still only about 75%. I better be 100% tomorrow as I have another 3,000 foot climb over Three Ridges! Three miles before getting to camp tonight I was caught in a torrential downpour that also produced some marble size hail.

Saw another large patch of Mayapple today along the trail just before the rain came down.

Steve Claxton's photo.




I FINALLY made it to the top just now. I took a break a little ways back, took my pack off, laid my head on my pack and fell sound asleep for who knows how long! I’m confident that no other hikers passed me as I would hope they would check to see if I were alive. I guess my body is trying to tell me something.
I will try to make it to the next shelter a few miles away and may even take a zero at the shelter to see if that helps.

I have learned two things along my tough climb today. First, THERE IS POWER IN YOUR WORDS!!! You have no idea how much each of you inspired me to make it to the top of this mountain, just as I know in my heart that you will continue to inspire me to make it to the top of Mount Katahdin in Maine!!! The second thing that I learned through today’s experience came from Gary Ayers & Lisa George.

I am a “‪#‎MAROONSTRONG‬ MUSTARD SEED” who can move ANY mountain!!!

OF YOU!!!!!!!

And now, the view from the

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Steve Claxton's photo.
Steve Claxton's photo.

Still climbing the same Mountain…but I GOT THIS!!!!!

Still climbing the same Mountain. This has been one of the most challenging days both physically and mentally thus far on my journey. To make things more challenging I just met four hikers who warned me to conserve water because it is so far to the next water source. Some sources are dried up due to the dry weather conditions. Thanks for the encouragement Jimmy Blevins & Robert White! I needed that today. But both of you probably know me well enough that after 800 miles, SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO DRAG ME OFF THIS TRAIL TO GET ME TO QUIT!!! You are correct in saying

“I GOT THIS!!!!!!!”

Steve Claxton's photo.

A long climb this morning starting at 900 foot elevation climbing over to over 4,000 foot elevation. If there was just a jug of iced tea to look forward to at the top! But for now what I have to look forward to “IS THE TOP!!!”