Article in local paper

A huge thank you to local reporter Rebekah Price who writes for the Elizabethton Star for the wonderful article!

Check out this article in the local paper:

Erwin Tenn.

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I made it into Erwin, Tenn. yesterday and 345 message into my trip.  The weather has changed again overnight as the temp. is 39 now.  I will be climbing into the Unaka mountains today going from 1,600 to almost 5,200 in elevation.  Tonight’so lows up there will be in the low teens, brrrrr!!!  I’ve had some wonderful blessings along my journey.  In fact, just how many blessings can one hiker handle in one day??!! I got word from Greg Wright who cuts my hair back home (what little is left) that he offered to drive all the way to Erwin Tn. two hours away to cut my hair one last time before I hiked north. Greg, it doesn’t look the same as when you cut it, but I probably won’t need a hair cut for a while now!
And then I found out that the founder of the organization “Friends of Barnabus” who I am carrying their Spot satellite device to raise money for medical care for children in Honduras, is a pastor at a rural church in Virginia. There is no Internet there so each Sunday he prints off a map of the Appalachian Trail and marks where I am at the end of that week so that the congregation can keep up with me. I’m on their prayer list each Sunday.
I posted a video today from the trail talking about my day and where it would be ending. I walked into Uncle Johnnie’s Hostel, (no he’s not a relative, just the name of the hostel) and as I pull my billfold out of my pocket to pay, the phone rang. “Hello” I heard the man helping me say. “He just walked in the door two minutes ago and is standing right here in front of me” he explained to the person on the phone. He listened to the person on the other end of the line and then began taking their credit card number info. “What in the world was going on” I wondered! He then finished up their transaction and told me that someone had paid for my cabin. “THEY DID WHAT?” I asked if he would ask if they would reveal who they are? Here he said, and handed me the phone. I asked who I was speaking with and to my astonishment it was Murphy Blevins, a young school teacher from St. Augustine, Florida who I hiked a couple of days with past Neil’s Gap a couple of years ago when she was thru hiking the A.T. I was only hiking from Springer back home 160 miles. She said that she saw the video that I had posted so dhe knew where I would be staying and just wanted to pay it forward with a little trail magic of her own! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! Murphy is preparing to leave in just a few days to go out west to now thru hike the Pacific Coast Trail! What a jewel!!! THANK YOU MURPHY!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!



Greetings from “Mustard Seed” in Hot Springs, NC!!! I slack packed (hiked with a minimum amount of gear) 15 miles back to Hot Springs today after being shuttled out to a trailhead at Allen Gap. I did this in an attempt to make a dream of mine come true tomorrow after three failed attempts. This will be the last possible time that I might be able to pull this off. Please pray. It means a lot to me! Everyone on this end along the trail is doing what they can to help. Hot Springs is a very quaint trail town where the Appalachian Trail literally travels right through the middle of town!!! The sidewalks are marked ever so often with the A.T. symbol to help you follow the trail right into, through and out of town!!!  It is a small town with everything you might need along the trail, a wonderful hostel for thru hikers to bed down at night, a well stocked outfitters store and several restaurants.   I will be leaving this town in the morning hitching a ride with “Ty” & “Solo”, two past thru hikers who run the Laughing Heart Hostel.  It was originally a Catholic Retreat.  If there were EVER two people to serve as caretakers, hosts and caregivers to thru hikers Ty and Solo are both Angels here on earth! They have been so much fun and gracious during my stay here and are the first link in helping me fulfill my dream by offering a ride to my destinationation.  Stay tuned to “As the World Turns On the A.T.!!!







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Catching up

There has been so much happen since my last post that it has been a whirlwind on the trail.  I am posting on facebook because of it is much easier to post there and since I began my hike my followers has increase from 240 to 1,260!  It has been difficult to keep both updated, as well as many nights without an Internet connection.  I am at John & Amber Lynch especially house tonight as they picked me up from Davenport Gap this afternoon, brought me to their house, got a nice hot shower,  a wonderful hot meal and a nice comfy bed!  They drove one hour to pick me up!  What wonderful friends!


And after their gracious hospitality they presented me with this to place on the outside of my pack!