Getting Ready!

As I prepare for my 2,200 mile journey, I have come to realize that it takes much more than just training each day to take such a trip. Preparing to be away from home for five months is quiet a effort in itself!  I have never been away for such an extended period of time and making certain that everything is in order takes several weeks of work in itself.  I worry that I am forgetting something that will either come back to haunt me or that will cause hardships for my family.  However, the positive aspect of this dilemma is that in 150 miles after beginning my hike at Springer Mountain, Georgia, the trail crosses Yellow Creek Road only one mile from my house. So I will be back in my hometown only a couple of weeks after my start date.  Hopefully I have taken care of most everything I needed to, but in the event that I forgot something I will be able to check in on my way through.  I will even get to take advantage of sleeping in my own bed for a night or two!  My goal is to be back in Robbinsville by March 5th as that is when my close friend Case Hooper is putting on his first fundraiser to help me get the Big Brother Big Sister Program started in Graham County.  He has decided to take on  this challenge as his senior project in high school.  In getting to know Case over the past three years I have come to realize just what a remarkable young man this junior in high school actually is!  He is very determined to help me in making this dream of getting BBBS started in Graham County a reality, because he sees young people within this community who could truly benefit from having a big brother or big sister.  I am so proud of Case not only for deciding to take on such a worthwhile cause for his senior project, but also for the effort he is putting forth in his school work, athletics and the goal that he has set for himself to graduate from high school and obtain a College education.  If you live in the area please consider supporting Case’s senior project by attending his talent show and BBQ dinner at Robbinsville High School on March 5th.  Springer bound and the beginning of my journey in only four more days!

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