Greetings from “Mustard Seed” in Hot Springs, NC!!! I slack packed (hiked with a minimum amount of gear) 15 miles back to Hot Springs today after being shuttled out to a trailhead at Allen Gap. I did this in an attempt to make a dream of mine come true tomorrow after three failed attempts. This will be the last possible time that I might be able to pull this off. Please pray. It means a lot to me! Everyone on this end along the trail is doing what they can to help. Hot Springs is a very quaint trail town where the Appalachian Trail literally travels right through the middle of town!!! The sidewalks are marked ever so often with the A.T. symbol to help you follow the trail right into, through and out of town!!!  It is a small town with everything you might need along the trail, a wonderful hostel for thru hikers to bed down at night, a well stocked outfitters store and several restaurants.   I will be leaving this town in the morning hitching a ride with “Ty” & “Solo”, two past thru hikers who run the Laughing Heart Hostel.  It was originally a Catholic Retreat.  If there were EVER two people to serve as caretakers, hosts and caregivers to thru hikers Ty and Solo are both Angels here on earth! They have been so much fun and gracious during my stay here and are the first link in helping me fulfill my dream by offering a ride to my destinationation.  Stay tuned to “As the World Turns On the A.T.!!!